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Food Bank: Yumbini to the Rescue!

When we first started working on Yumbini, we made a small amount at the factory to make sure everything would work okay. Using that sample product, we were able to finalize the label, create recipes, photographs and other information to help you enjoy Yumbini. But because these first batches of Yumbini were packed in clear unprinted film, with no labels, they could not be sold. But the product inside was still tasty and nutritious. What to do with it?

We contacted the Alameda County Community Food Bank. As long as we applied stickers to the bags listing the ingredients, preparation instructions etc., they could distribute the product. Problem solved! All told, we were able to provide 230 bags of Yumbini to our hungry neighbors. That means 230 healthy, satisfying bean and rice meals to people in need. What a win-win!

We are so happy to be able to support Alameda County Community Food Bank in this way. One out of every four people in Alameda County (CA) is experiencing, or at-risk of, hunger. The food bank works with over 420 food pantries, senior centers and other non-profits to distribute thousands of pounds of food every day – millions of pounds every year! Learn more about their work here.

If you are involved in the food industry in any way, please reach out to your local food bank. I know they will appreciate your help! If you are a consumer concerned about hunger in your community, please see our blog post with suggestions on how you can help. Thank you!

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