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Would Organic make it better?

Consumers sometimes ask us to make a Certified Organic version of Yumbini. While I very much support organic agriculture, I consciously made Yumbini NOT organic.

In my long experience in the food industry, I have found there are many high quality, healthy, organic options available for people who can afford them.  But unfortunately, the options for folks on a budget are much more limited.  This made me angry because if people (ALL people) are not able to eat nutritious food, they are not able to live their best lives. So I created Yumbini to provide delicious, quick, convenient, healthy meals that are accessible to everyone. By “accessible to everyone”, I mean no common allergens, no animal-based ingredients, no preservatives, nothing artificial – and a satisfying serving for a moderate price.

But, you might be thinking, if Yumbini were organic, wouldn’t it be healthier? Of course it depends on your definition of “healthy”. But if you consider the main health advantages of Yumbini: 100% plant-based, high fiber, low saturated fat, no added sugar, 13-15g protein and easy on salt, making it organic wouldn’t change a thing. The fantastic nutritional content would be the same.

On the other hand, maybe you prefer organic because they do not allow GMOs. Fortunately, at Yumbini, we ensure that none of our ingredients contain GMOs. So you are covered there. Other people are concerned about pesticide residue. While it is true that organic products are lower in synthetic pesticides, they may contain permitted organic pesticides. I found this article from Scientific American on the subject very interesting. Bottom line: synthetic or organic: the danger of pesticides is to the people using them on the farm, not the residues in the food. Which is why it is important to continue research on agricultural practices that reduce the need for pesticides altogether.

Although Yumbini cannot be organic right now, we are dedicated to preserving our earth’s resources in other ways, such as being 100% plant based, harnessing the nitrogen fixing power or legumes to enrich soil, using minimal packaging, and having a lightweight product which does not require refrigeration. Through this, we hope to improve both our world and its citizens. Please join us.

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