About Us

We are a woman-owned business based in Oakland, California.

Yumbini’s mission is to provide convenient, healthy foods, that are mindful of the earth’s resources and accessible to everyone, with the power to transform our health, our lives and our world.

Our Story

Hi, I’m Jan, creator of Yumbini.  I have always been fascinated by food.  And even though a few of my early “cooking” experiments ended up in the trash, I went on to study Food Science.  I used to dream of creating the perfect food to solve world hunger.

After 40 years as a Certified Food Scientist specializing in food product development, you might think I would want to retire.  Instead, I started Yumbini.  Why?  Because I still hadn’t satisfied my dream. Despite the epidemic of diet-related illnesses in our society, truly healthy food is hard to find. And, what little healthy food exists – is developed for and marketed to wealthy consumers!  Even though I had developed thousands of new food products, I did not feel any of them truly gave consumers what they really need: great tasting, healthy, shelf stable meals ready in a flash, at a reasonable price.

I started with beans and rice because I have always loved them – they taste great and are great for you!  Did you know that nearly every culture around the world eats some version of beans and rice?  And for good reason!  There are endless flavor and recipe combinations.  And they are naturally nutritious – no artificial fortification, GMOs, additives or preservatives needed!

Our human history and folklore is full of examples of the power of nourishing food to enable ordinary humans to accomplish great things.  Some people call food fuel for their bodies.  But I think it is much more than that.  Food is joy, memory, companionship, satisfaction, and quite literally builds and repairs our bodies and super-charges our brains.  Research on the human microbiome is even finding that the kind of food we eat affects the microorganisms that live inside us to keep us healthy.  And, in our interconnected world, the kind of food we eat affects the sustainability of the food supply and climate change!

So eating a healthy, filling bowl of Yumbini is just the first step.  Healthy food supports our healthy bodies and brains to do our best work.  This in turn will improve our lives, our society, and the world around us.

It is my sincere wish that each and every one of you are able to harness the transformational power of food to do great things.  The world needs you!

Best wishes, Jan

"There's lots of bad reasons to start a company. But there's only one good, legitimate reason, and I think you know what it is: it's to change the world."

--Phil Libin