6 minute Beans and Rice

Finally! a delicious heathy quick meal!

Hungry for a healthy meal but short on time?

Quick and healthy CAN go together!

Yumbini is delicious and ready in 6 minutes!  Just empty the dry mix into a bowl or pot, combine with water, bring to boil (microwave or stovetop) and cool three minutes.  You have a delicious satisfying meal with the power to conquer your day.  Our fantastic flavors are inspired by favorite bean and rice combinations around the world.  Each is perfectly seasoned; fantastic as-is, or paired with other ingredients.

See how easy it is!

You can even measure water in the empty bag!

Something new in packaged meals - healthy!

Yumbini is different!

The purple bean shows you are at the right place!

Many packaged foods are short on nutrients and filled with additives, saturated fat and salt.  But not Yumbini!  Our simple blend of beans, rice and seasonings make it high in fiber, low in saturated fat, and filled with 14-15g protein; all without added sugar, preservatives, MSG, gluten, “big 9” allergens, or too much salt.  Nothing fancy, just real food for busy everyday people.  Learn more here.

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We are proud of our superior nutrition and simple ingredients!

Want to eat plant-based but don’t know how?

Yumbini makes it easy and tasty!

You have probably heard eating plant-based is better for your body and better for our environment.  But cooking beans takes a long time, and plant-based meat substitutes can be disappointing.  At Yumbini we take a less-is-more approach. 

Beans and rice are a nutritional powerhouse that has nourished communities all over the world for generations.  Why mess with a good thing?  We just pre-cook and dry the ingredients so you can make it up fast.  No AI, no fermentation, no weird additives.  Beans and rice, in flavors to suit everyone; easy, fast and delicious.

Plus, Yumbini is dry, lightweight, and needs no refrigeration.  So it uses less packaging, and energy to ship and store.  Beans and lentils enrich the soil by “fixing” nitrogen from the air.  And, if eaten as-is, not in a processed burger, they have the lowest carbon footprint of any protein source.

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"The result of 40 years of product development, Yumbini is my gift to a hungry world."

-Jan Matsuno

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