Finally! A healthy instant Meal!

Bean and Rice Main Dishes in 6 Minutes

Yumbini: Delicious, fast and healthy!

100% Plant-Based

Yumbini is carefully crafted from nutritious plant foods, featuring the overwhelming goodness of beans and lentils.  This means better health for you as well as our planet.

Nix the Salt Bomb!

Relax!  Unlike some other instant foods, one satisfying bowl of Yumbini contains only a moderate amount of sodium. Your body will thank you!

Simple Healthy Ingredients

Yumbini contains only precooked dried beans, rice, vegetables, sunflower oil and seasonings.  No preservatives, MSG, artificial colors or flavors. We also pass on GMO and gluten containing ingredients.

Fantastic Flavor Exceptional Nutrition

With 13-15g protein, no added sugar, and packed with fiber for wellness, one package of Yumbini makes a delicious satisfying serving with the power to conquer your day.  Shelf stable to take anywhere.

Gentle Footprint

Yumbini is dry and lightweight, so it requires less packaging, and less energy to ship and store.  The main ingredients, beans and lentils, have the lowest carbon footprint of any protein source.  Besides that, they enrich soil by "fixing" nitrogen from the air.   

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We get it. Beans and Rice are yummy comfort food - plant based goodness for your body and our world - but they take a long time to cook! And how to get the flavor right? Relax! Yumbini is perfectly seasoned and truly:

Ready to Eat In 6 Minutes Flat

See How Easy it is! (PS: You can even use the empty bag to measure water!)

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Transforming your health and our planet -

one bowl at a time

Best of all, you can

Make Yumbini Just The Way You Like It!

Top it, wrap it, share it, or create a masterpiece:

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Hint: they love us!

"When I eat a bowl of Yumbini, I feel so completely satisfied, like I just did something really good for my body." -J.W.

"I love this product. Taste, texture, everything about it is delicious. I wouldn't change a thing." -A.N.

"Yumbini is so convenient for lunch, with whatever odds and ends I have in my refrigerator!" -L.J.

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"The result of 40 years as a food scientist, Yumbini is my gift to a hungry world."

-Jan Matsuno