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Our story and mission

Yumbini was created by Certified Food Scientist, Jan Matsuno, after a 40-year career in product development. Having developed literally thousands of food products, Jan wanted to create healthy, convenient, affordable meals for busy people everywhere.  After four years of development, she finally realized her long time dream in the spring of 2022. She used her many years of experience to create shelf stable quick meals that are as delicious and convenient as instant ramen, but healthy at the same time.  And Jan made sure Yumbini works for everyone: plant based, no gluten or other common allergens, no GMOs, no MSG or artificial ingredients.  Yumbini is also gentle on the planet with minimal packaging, leveraging the miracle of beans and lentils, which provide soil enrichment and the lowest carbon footprint of any protein source.

We aim to leverage the transformational power of food for all, to improve our health, our thinking, our lives and our world.  It’s the gift of Jan’s career.

Company & Product information

We are Yumbini Foods, LLC, a woman-owned startup from Oakland CA.  Yumbini is something unique: shelf stable instant meals that are not just quick and delicious, but truly healthy!  Yumbini comes in four flavors: Smoky Chipotle Black Beans and Rice, Curried Turmeric Lentils and Rice, Cowboy BBQ Pinto Beans and Rice, and Mild & Creamy Red Beans and Rice. One shelf stable pouch makes a delicious, healthy, satisfying main dish in 6 minutes.  All are 100% plant-based, high in fiber, low in saturated fat, contain 14-15g protein, without a crazy amount of salt. The ingredients are simply pre-cooked and dried, requiring no preservatives or refrigeration.  Consumers combine Yumbini with water (which can be measured in the empty pouch), heat (microwave or stovetop), cool a few minutes and enjoy!  All flavors are delicious as-is or endlessly customizable by adding vegetables, fruits, nuts, cheese, eggs or anything else!  Yumbini is available on line at, and at fine Bay Area retailers.


Our Management Team

Jan Wiley Matsuno, Founder

Jan has a lifetime of food product development experience at Del Monte Foods, Safeway, Inc., CCD Innovation, and as an independent consultant to startups as well as Fortune 500 companies. She has traveled extensively and supervised new product trials at food plants all over North and South America, Asia and Europe.

She is a member of the “inaugural class” of Certified Food Scientists, a proud graduate of Oregon State University AND, she appeared in Morgan Spurlock’s movie Super Size Me 2: Holy Chicken as the laughing food scientist. Watch the trailer here.

Akashi ("Aki") Matsuno, Sales

Aki  has also worked in the food and beverage industry his entire career.  He has held sales and marketing positions at Kikkoman in Tokyo and Sapporo, Japan as well as Singapore.  In the US, he has managed import/export and Asian business units for Nissho Iwai American Corp. and Mizkan Americas.  He has developed food business markets around the world including, not only Japan, Singapore and North America, but also Brazil, Peru, and Russia.

As Jan’s husband, and seeing the potential for Yumbini, Aki came out of retirement to help with sales.  He keeps saying he is going to retire again, but we don’t think so.

Yumbini in the News

“When I eat a bowl of Yumbini, I feel so completely satisfied, like I just did something really good for my body.” -J.W.

“Yumbini is so much better and better for me than the instant noodles I used to reach for in times like this.”     -M.Y.

“I love this product. Taste, texture, everything about it is delicious. I wouldn’t change a thing.” -A.N.

“The Yumbini packs are a lifesaver, because my kids can make a quick healthy lunch or snack for themselves on their own!”    -A.K.

“Yumbini is so convenient for lunch, with whatever odds and ends I have in my refrigerator!”  -L.J.

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