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Yumbini Takes on the Glucose Challenge

For more background on carbohydrates, you might want to read our previous blog, Should you Really be Afraid of Carbs?  But if you are still curious or worried about the complex carbs in Yumbini, this article is for you.

Yumbini contains NONE of the really bad carbs – added sugar; and LOTS of the really good carbs – fiber.  But it also contains a lot of “complex carbs”, starches that are naturally occurring in the rice and beans.  Anything wrong with that?  Well, sometimes starches like white bread break down quickly into glucose and can cause a person’s blood sugar to spike.  This is particularly problematc for people who are diabetic.  We were curious about this too, so we put Yumbini to the test!

With the help of our friends at Tastermonial, we recorded what happened to blood glucose (also called “glycemic index”) when someone ate a serving of Yumbini.

The results were pretty spectacular!  Despite 56g of “net carbs” (total carbohydrate minus fiber) – NO glucose spike!  Bude Piccin of Tastermonial described it like this: “I started testing one of the packages and was very surprised at the impact on blood sugar!  The carbs and net carbs were relatively high compared to other products. But eating one package barely raised my blood sugar!  And moreover, I felt full for a long time.”

So no spike, just a nice calm feeling and slow burn!

Shows that despite carbohydrate level, Yumbini hardly raises blood glucose at all. This is because of the very low glycemic index of beans and lentils - the main ingredients in Yumbini.
Yumbini Curried Turmeric Lentils and Rice

Here is a graph from a second test with Yumbini Smoky Chipotle Black Beans and Rice.  The results are almost the same – no spike! Legumes, like beans and lentils are famous for having a “low glycemic index”.  That means they do not raise blood sugar as much as other carbohydrates.  Moreover, legumes even reduce the glycemic index (glucose spike) of other foods eaten at the same time.  That seems to be happening with Yumbini!

Despite the carbohydrate content, Yumbini does not cause a glucose spike. The beans have a very low gycemic index so Yumbini provides a slow, gradual source of energy.
Yumbini Smoky Chipotle Black Beans and Rice

Compare the Yumbini graphs above to this one for a meal of rice and three eggs – a similar amount of carbs but protein from eggs added to slow down digestion.  Even with the eggs, the increase in glucose is much more than Yumbini!  (The egg meal is missing the fiber and other miraculous components of beans and lentils naturally in Yumbini.)  And, who wants plain eggs and rice when they can have Yumbini anyway?

White Rice plus Three Eggs

So there you have it folks!  Yumbini takes on the glucose challenge and WINS!!  No glucose spike, just solid nutrition keeping you full, fueled and satisfied.  Do you wear a glucose monitor?  If so, please give Yumbini a try and let us know the results.

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